Red Dela Cruz is currently the UFC’s only Asian octagon girl. The Filipina is not just a pretty face she also supports some popular causes and is getting behind the World Pride festival in her adopted home of Sydney.

In a month in which we have seen UFC veteran Nate Marquardt go on a homophobic rant it is good to see a high profile figure like Dela Cruz taking a stance. You don’t need to be a member of the LGBTQ community to appreciate her outfit with the scantily clad octagon girl’s red lingerie leaving very little to the imagination.

World Pride

Initially launched in Rome in 2000 the World Pride event now takes place in a different city every year. This month it is Sydney’s turn to host the event that promotes LGBTQ pride issues on an international level through parades, festivals and other cultural activities.

Festivities in Sydney got underway on February 17th and will last until March 5th. There are concerts, exhibitions, a parade and a ten pin bowling competition.

Two weeks ago Dela Cruz was in Perth for UFC 284. She was back on ring card duties for the promotion after a lengthy absence and was octagon side to see Islam Makhachev outpoint Alex Volkanovski.

Success story

There are parallels between Volkanovski and Dela Cruz. Both have been huge UFC success stories and both got their big break competing in the Asia Pacific region with PXC.

Dela Cruz was a PXC ring girl at the promotion’s events in the Philippines. It was there that she caught the eye of the UFC talent scouts with the promotion harbouring big ambitions for the region at that time.

Volkanovski was the reigning PXC featherweight champion when the UFC signed him. They have both become familiar faces to fight fans all over the world in the following years.

It seems Volkanovski could be getting an immediate rematch with Makhachev. Both men have expressed an interest in facing one another again and if it does happen fight fans will be hoping that Dela Cruz gets the call.