Red Dela Cruz is Asia’s favourite ring girl and you only need to take a look at her latest Instagram post to understand why. The Filipina stunner has shared some sizzling pics of herself posing in some sexy lingerie.

Dela Cruz hails from the Philippines but is based in Australia. She is on the roster of UFC octagon girls and seems to only get invited to the promotion’s biggest fight cards.

It seems that everyone is aware of just how big a hit the Filipina has been with fight fans and with photos like this that should be no surprise:

Office job

Dela Cruz came to the UFC’s attention after performing ring girl duties for the now defunct PXC at their events in Manila. She proved an instant hit with fans in the Philippines and went on to win an ‘Octagon Girl Search’ competition.

Earlier this year she was in London for UFC 286, just one of two octagon girl assignments which Dela Cruz has been handed this year. During her trip she spoke to the Daily Mail and revealed that she had a day job working for a data entry company in Sydney.

Dela Cruz was also in action at UFC 284 in Perth, which was the promotion’s first event in Australia since 2019. But for any fans wondering why she only appears at a handful of events, the Filipina is probably too busy with her office job.

She told the Daily Mail,

When I am working I stay quiet, no make-up, work hard. I get to live these two very different lives and I know how lucky I am.

Pretty face

Dela Cruz is much more than just a pretty face. She hails from Iba, a picturesque beach on the west coast, and originally moved to Manila in order to study tourism management at university.

Fans will be disappointed to hear that she has settled down with an Australian entrepreneur.  He is clearly a lucky man and we can’t wait to see Dela Cruz octagon side at a UFC event again.