Alyse Anderson has been at American Top Team to prepare for her fight with Stamp Fairtex at ONE Fight Night 10. Training alongside her is Adriano Moraes who headlines the promotion’s first ever event in the US.

Anderson has witnessed first hand the Brazilian’s preparation for his trilogy bout with current champion Demetrious Johnson. The American is regarded by many as being the greatest fighter of all time but she believes Moraes has what it takes to finish him,

“I see Adriano getting a late-round submission,” she told


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Different level

Anderson believes that Moraes’ superior stamina will be the difference. Johnson is known for fighting at a fast pace but she says her team mate is on a totally different level,

“Adriano is always in the gym and always preparing, even if he doesn’t have a fight camp. He’s someone that lives in the gym, and he can just go at that rate for months on end. He’s just awesome to watch because his pace is just like, being able to do four or five classes a day, in and out of fight camp, is crazy to me.”

Moraes and Johnson hold a win each from the previous two fights with both victories coming inside the distance. Anderson sees the Brazilian’s endurance as being a key factor that could win him the fight,

“Probably his length and his grappling. I think his endurance, too, because this is five rounds, right? Because it’s for the belt. I think with the elevation, and just like his endurance, he’s going to be able to really push the pace in the later rounds.”


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New destination

Anderson also announced that she had ‘wrapped up my sparring at American Top Team today’. The atomweight bout with Stamp is still five weeks away so it is possible she is heading to a different gym to finish her fight camp.

The event is taking place in Broomfield which is 1,652 metres above sea level. By contrast Coconut Creek, where American Top Team is based, is right on the coast.

So Anderson might be heading somewhere higher for the final few weeks of her fight camp. But whatever happens when she faces Stamp the American expects her teammate to have his hand raised after the final fight of the night.