Fighters in Las Vegas will no longer be punished for getting stoned. The Nevada State Athletic Commission changed the rules recently so that anyone who likes to get high will not be penalized.

The rule change came 14 years too late for Nick Diaz. MMA’s most famous stoner scored one of the most impressive wins of his career at Pride 33 in Las Vegas, finishing Takanori Gomi with a gogoplata.

Unfortunately for Diaz he was popped for his marijuana use in a post fight drug test. As a result the outcome of the fight was changed to a ‘no contest’.

At the time Nevada regarded marijuana as a PED. The commission took the view that Diaz’s marijuana use had given him a competitive advantage in the contest.

It wouldn’t be the last time Diaz popped hot. He also tested positive for marijuana after his UFC 183 loss to Anderson Silva, although that was subsequently changed to a no contest because the Brazilian tested positive for some substances that definitely are performance enhancing.

Diaz hasn’t fought since although there is always plenty of speculation about a potential comeback. Pride 33 would also be the promotion’s first and only foray into US territory, it was purchased by Zuffa few months later.

Should this result really have gone down as a no contest? We don’t think so but if you want to take a walk down memory land and see Diaz tap out Gomi you can watch the whole fight here.