The world’s first (we assume) BJJ themed erotic movie has been released in the Philippines. BJJ: Woman on Top began screening last month on Viva Max and stars Angela Morena in the lead role.

We haven’t found a way to watch the movie yet but according to IMDB the lead character, played by Morena, is Elise. Anyone concerned that this might be a serious documentary about martial arts will be reassured to read the synopsis,

“Elise learns the martial art and combat sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to learn to defend herself, but she soon realizes that BJJ moves can also be used in passionate lovemaking.”


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New genre

The movie is being promoted by Viva Max a streaming service which claims to be home to,

“All the top Filipino blockbuster movies and hit television series from every genre.”

Viva Max certainly seems to be committed to featuring every genre. There haven’t been too many erotic movies with a BJJ theme but fortunately a team in the Philippines has stepped in to fill this void.

Whether or not BJJ: Woman on Top  will be a blockbuster remains to be seen. Moreno seems to be a veteran of erotic movies in the Philippines and her body of work includes titles like Sabel is Still Young, High on Sex and X-Deal 2.


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Mainstream movies

It is not the sort of stuff which Oscar nominations are made of but having starred in 13 movies and three TV shows in the last three years it certainly seems to be keeping Morena busy.  The director is Linnet Zurbano who has worked on some mainstream movies including The Bourne Legacy and The Janitor.

Unfortunately the director doesn’t seem to have enlisted the services of any actual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners, although we haven’t seen the full cast list.  Getting to star alongside Morena would surely be worth the total loss of credibility that working on such a project would inevitably entail.

But there is an official trailer:

Complex plot

The trailer gives a bit of insight into the complex plot in which Morena’s character appears to gets drugged and sexually assaulted. She then has a major falling out with her friends before getting a taste for BJJ and, more specifically, her BJJ instructor.

A lot of sex ensues. At this point the plot really seems to get put on the backburner to make room for the many, many sex scenes so we really have no idea how the narrative develops.

Morena’s character does use her BJJ skills to successfully subdue a rival who also appears to be having sex with her BJJ instructor. You get the impression that this movie might feature a lot of sex.

Anyone tuning in to this Tagalog movie hoping to enhance their knowledge of the noble art of BJJ might be destined for disappointment. But if it’s sex scenes you are after then BJJ: Woman on Top definitely has you covered.