Buakaw Banchamek beat Nayanesh Ayman again at Rajadamnern Stadium last night. He couldn’t finish the Spaniard this time but claimed a comfortable decision win in their three round kickboxing contest.

Ayman immediately looked to exploit his height advantage with jabs. The first meaningful action of the round came when Buakaw caught a low kick and kicked out the Spaniard’s standing leg.

Atman bounced straight back up and looked to trade punches with the Thai but was on the receiving end of a short, overhand right which dropped him. It was a flash knockdown but Ayman took a ten count which gave him a mountain to climb on the scorecards.

Overhand rights

Buakaw looked to finish the fight and attacked with punches to the had and body but Ayman stood his ground and fired back. The Thai landed more hooks to the body as the round reached its conclusion.

The first time Ayman fought Buakaw he did not make it out of the opening round so this represented progress for the Spaniard who kept a very high guard at the start of the second. With his opponent’s head covered up the two time K-1 Max winner started to land low kicks.

Midway through the round Buakaw landed with two more of the overhand rights from short range but this time Ayman wore them well. The Spaniard landed a right hand of his own with the Thai showcasing his boxing skills to evade and attack.

When Ayman tried to put together a combination of punches and kicks Buakaw was able to read it. He reached for the low kick and upended the Spaniard with a flick of the wrist.

New style

Buakaw targeted the lower legs again at the start of the third, smashing his shins through Ayman’s calf and thigh muscles. He seemed to want to test his boxing and a left hand to the body from the Spaniard landed without doing any visible damage.

Midway through the round Buakaw trapped Ayman against the ropes and looked to land hard punches but the Spaniard tied him up in a clinch. He then landed a knee from the clinch with his opponent complaining this shouldn’t be allowed under kickboxing rules.

Buakaw continued to focus on his boxing in the closing exchanges and blood started to flow from Ayman’s face. In the pre fight press conference he hinted that the Manny Pacquiao fight was going ahead in 2024 and it is possible he saw this as a tune up for that bout.

It is unusual to see Buakaw throwing so many punches but the 41 year old could have won this fight any way he wanted. All three judges scored it 30-26 for the Thai who now holds two wins over Ayman.