Buakaw Banchamek was taking no prisoners as he finished Kota Miura in the third round of their kickboxing exhibition bout at Rajadamnern on Friday night.

Buakaw was making his return to the stadium for the first time in 18 years and gave the packed crowd a vintage performance as he put away his opponent with an explosive combination of punches and vicious knees in the corner.

Miura is something of a heartthrob in Thailand and has a significant female following. The 20 year old is the son of legendary footballer Kazuyoshi Miura and model Risako Miura.

Despite being 20 years younger than the Thai, the Japanese fighter boasted a mere 1-0 record in MMA compared to Buakaw’s legendary resume of over 250 wins across Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Easy pace

The bout began at an easy pace with Miura getting a pop from the crowd after landing a turning back kick. It appeared to get a rise out of his opponent as well with the K-1 icon adding a bit more bite to his punching combinations.

Buakaw soon caught a kick from Miura and replied with a right head kick that left the bleach-blond fighter wobbled. As the fans began chanting his name, the local favorite stepped up his output with a left to the body and a right hook.

Miura started to land to the body at the end of some of his combinations and did so again at the start of the second although his punches lacked the  necessary sting to really trouble the veteran.

Trademark kicks

Buakaw uncorked with trademark kicks to the body and head and showed good head movement to evade punches from his opposite number who looked to be breathing heavy at the end of the stanza.

In the final round Buakaw stepped up the pace once more and marched forward, first dumping Miura to the canvas before unleashing several rights kicks to the body. He then caught a kick from the Japanese fighter and jumped in with a flying knee to the body to score a knockdown.

Seconds after the referee resumed proceedings, Buakaw came in with another flying knee. The result was another knockdown as the camera panned to Miura’s legions of female fans in the crowd who were left gasping.

Flying knee

Again came the flying knee. Miura tried to reply with punches but couldn’t lay a glove on the Thai star who was in total control. In came another knee and a right-left hook combination.

It was followed by a left knee, a flying knee with the right and two more flying knees and a flurry of punches. A final left knee finished the fight as Buakaw sealed his triumph.