On Saturday two ladies will fight at Lumpinee Stadium for the first time in history. But the Muay Thai bout is going to take place in the car park!

Buakaw MorKorChor Chiayaphum will take on Saenajan SorJor Tongprajin in a WBC mini flyweight title bout. Female fighters were banned from competing at Lumpinee Stadium, in fact for some strange reason women weren’t even allowed to touch the ring let alone step inside it to fight.

But the times they are a changing as Bob Dylan once sang and the famous stadium will now allow female fighters to compete. Unfortunately the normal space is unavailable, probably due to Covid-19 regulations concerning air conditioned indoor areas.

So the ring will be moved to the car park. But the fight is still taking place inside the Lumpinee Stadium complex and it will be the first time the venue has ever promoted an event with female fighters on the card.