Dillon Danis has made himself a lot of enemies. The list is long but some of the most high profile names on it are former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Danish model Nina Agdel.

Nurmagomedov famously assaulted him while Agdel is currently suing him. But Danis does have at least one high profile fan with Demetrious Johnson coming out in support of the BJJ black belt.

Danis is boxing Logan Paul, who happens to be engaged to Nina Agdel, in London this weekend. He has been tweeting incessantly about the Danish model while posting digitally altered images of her.

Legal trouble

Danis doesn’t seem to concerned about the imminent legal action as he has continued to post digitally altered photos of Agden and also accused Logan Paul’s father of being a paedophile.

He appears to to have successfully tweeted his way into legal trouble. But Danis does have his fans and one of them is the reigning ONE Championship flyweight champion and former UFC flyweight champion.

Demetrious Johnson explained in an Instagram video exactly why he wanted the BJJ black belt to win:


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Rooting for Danis

It sounds like Johnson will always take the side of a martial artist against a YouTuber.  He points out that Danis falls firmly into the former category,

“I’m rooting for Danis just because he comes from the same lineage of jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts as me.”

Logan Paul has knocked out UFC veterans Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren in boxing matches. Both men came from wrestling backgrounds so the victories are not as impressive as perhaps they sound.

But it rankles with Johnson that the YouTuber is 2-0 against mixed martial artists in boxing matches and he believes that Danis could be the man to beat him,

“Maybe this is the guy from our sport who can come in and get a victory for mixed martial arts.”

Last week Agden was granted a temporary restraining order against Danis who she accuses of sharing ‘revenge porn’ pictures. It sounds like the BJJ black belt’s legal problems are only just beginning but he can console himself with the knowledge that one of the best mixed martial artists of all time will be rooting for him this weekend.