DK Yoo is training at the famous Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles to prepare for his fight with Manny Pacquiao on December 11th. It is the gym where the Filipino prepared for some of his biggest bouts.

Were it an actual fight it is very unlikely Freddie Roach would allow Pacquiao’s opponent to use his trainers and facilities to prepare. But given that it is being billed as an exhibition and DY Yoo has zero boxing experience the potential conflict of interest apparently isn’t an issue.

It is also interesting to see that former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson is also working on his boxing at the Wild Card Gym. DK Yoo snapped a pic with him:

Famous trainer

While it is clear what DK Yoo is doing at the Wild Card Gym the sight of Ferguson with his hands wrapped and wearing boxing shoes is more surprising. He has trained and sparred there in the past but fans might be surprised to see him boxing barely a month after his submission loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 270.

DK Yoo shared footage of him hitting mitts with Marvin Somodio. The Filipino has worked extensively with Pacquiao and was originally recruited by Freddie Roach after impressing him during one of the legendary boxer’s training camps in Baguio.

Ferguson, who had Somodio in his corner at UFC 270, can be seen watching impassively as the YouTuber is put through his paces by the famous boxing trainer:

Real insight

Somodio probably has a better insight into Pacquiao’s strengths and weaknesses than most. But given that the boxer got him his big break and the opportunity to live in Los Angeles and corner some of the biggest names in boxing and MMA he might be reluctant to share those trade secrets with a YouTuber from Korea!

Pacquiao has been preparing for this exhibition match at his gym in General Santos City. His trainer is Buboy Fernandez, a childhood friend who used to work alongside Roach before becoming the boxer’s main trainer towards the end of his career.

While DK Yoo looks significantly bigger Pacquiao is clearly going to be much the faster of the two. The Korean will do well to avoid being humiliated by the multiple time world champion and has enlisted the help of one of the most experienced trainers in the business.