It doesn’t looks like UFC Kabul will be getting booked any time soon. Dana White’s staff have been working with aid agencies to help MMA fighters and promoters flee the country.

Among those who managed to get out was TGFC promoter Abdul Wasi Sharif. He told MMA Fighting that the media publicity had inspired the UFC and various partners to help him,

“I finally fled from Afghanistan with my whole TGFC [crew] and their families. We are in Abu Dhabi since Sunday and waiting for our trip to the United States. Your interview, and around 48 website and TVs that copied your news and broadcast it, helped me to get out. I’m very thankful to you, UFC and, who helped tell [UFC matchmaker] Mick Maynard and Dana [White] about our situation.”

The group of 30 people who were smuggled out of Afghanistan into Abu Dhabi includes professional MMA fighters Qudratullah Mohammadi, Tamim Sharifi, Zaki Rasooli, Qasim Rahimi and Mohammad Yaqoob Sharifi.

There is no mention of Ahmad Wali Hotak who is Afghanistan’s most popular fighter and has a huge following on social media. He has been posting regular online updates and does not appear to be particularly happy about the Taliban taking over.