When you have received a ten year prison sentence getting knocked out is probably not the end of the world. But that is exactly what happened to Chalermpol Sawadsuk, or Kontualai JMBoxinggym as he is currently calling himself, at Rise 171.

At the age of 23 he was sentenced to ten years in prison on drug trafficking charges. Chalermpol subsequently admitted that his criminal career went well beyond selling narcotics as he was an enforcer and debt collector who would kill people if his bosses ordered.

But the 34 year old turned his life around while in prison and saw his sentence commuted after enjoying success as a Muay Thai fighter. After being released he took up boxing and won his first 17 fights.

Successful debut

Chalermpol could not sustain this success and his pro boxing record currently stands at 21-9 although he hasn’t won a sanctioned fight since 2019. The former jailbird did make a successful debut in bare knuckle boxing last year.

During the course of his pro boxing career Chalermpol has got to travel all across Asia and beyond. He has fought in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Papua New Guinea and Russia.

Last year Chalermpol travelled to Tokyo to compete at Rise 169. He beat Brazilian Fernando Almeida da Silva by decision and didn’t have to wait too long to be invited back.

But a Rise 171 he found himself up against Kenta Nambara, the promotion’s top light heavyweight. The title was on the line and it is the Japanese fighter who would claim it after a second round knockout win.

Another date

But while there was disappointment for Chalermpol last weekend he has another date booked. The former drug dealer will be competing on the same card as Buakaw Banchamek and Saenchai PKSaenchaigym later this year.

On November 4th he is fighting at BKFC Asia 5. Chalermpol has been matched with Iran’s Keivan Soleimani in Pattaya on November 4th and will be looking to make it back to back bare knuckle wins.

It is a life he could never have imagined leading when he was a feared gangster in Bangkok or a convicted drug dealer in Wainoomklang Prison. Chalermpol is now a successful fighter competing in multiple sports and after the journey he has been on a knockout loss is only  minor setback.