Eman Bacosa made his pro boxing debut last weekend. The 19 year old fought to a split draw on a show in General Santos City on a show promoted by Manny Pacquiao.

But a Filipino journalist revealed that it was no coincidence that Bacosa made his debut on a card promoted by Pacquiao. He claims that the teenager is actual Pacquiao’s illegitimate child:

Women, drinking and gambling

It is a bold claim because Pacquiao is not just a multiple time boxing world champion. He also stood in the presidential elections last year, coming a distant third, and was a senator in the Philippines.

Pacquiao is a born again Christian who has three sons and two daughters with his wife Jinkee. These days they are the epitome of the happy couple and are frequently photographed together in public.

But it hasn’t always been like this. Pacquiao openly admits to having cheated on Jinkee and in 2021 he told the media that,

“I used to be a womanizer, a drunkard, a gambler. All of those.”

Pacquiao became a born again Christian in 2011. Bacosa is 19 which would mean he was born during the period when the boxer was, by his own admission, a womanizer.


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Forgiven and forgotten

A few hours after the show he promoted in General Santos City has finished Pacquiao shared a photo of himself attending church with his wife and children. These days he is very much the family man but it hasn’t always been like this.

By his own admission Pacquiao was a wild man at the start of the century, enjoying the status and wealth that life as a boxing world champion brought. Having grown up in abject poverty it is understandable that he would want to spend his money and have a good time.

The boxer has come clean and all seems to have been forgiven and forgotten as far as his wife is concerned. But, according to a journalist in the Philippines, a living legacy of Pacquiao’s partying days can be found competing on cards promoted by the boxer in his hometown.