Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make a poster promoting a June fight between Mikuru Asakura and Floyd Mayweather. Does that mean it’s going to happen? Probably not but it’s an intriguing possibility and a beautiful design:

Takeru and Tenshin Nasukawa definitely are fighting in June. It looks set to be the biggest fight of the year in Japan but no-one knows what the event will be called, let alone what the rest of the card might look like.

Could Floyd Mayweather end up fighting on the card? Well stranger things have happened in Japan and, in recent years at least, Rizin has normally been the promotion making them happen.

Asakura is at least roughly the same size as Mayweather. The Japanese fighter normally competes at 145lbs whereas Tenshin was nearly 20lbs lighter.

At least Tenshin can relax knowing that this time no-one is expecting him to move up in weight and beat the best boxer on the planet in his boxing debut!