Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard has been added to the Super Rizin card! Ray Sadeghi, better known as Jizzy Mack, will be taking on Kouzi in an open weight stand up fighting bout.

The matchup pits the 135lbs kickboxer against the celebrity bodyguard and bodybuilder who must weigh in excess of 200lbs:

Iranian bodybuilders 

It has not been a vintage year for Iranian bodybuilders transitioning to combat sport. Last month the Iranian Hulk was humiliated in his boxing debut in an exhibition match.

Kouzi is a K-1 and Rizin veteran and one of the top kickboxers in his division. Jizzy has been Mayweather’s bodyguard since 2013 and has given a series of outspoken interviews.

Jizzy brought himself to the attention of the Japanese public by repeatedly shoving Mikuru Asakura away from Mayweather during the recent Super Rizin face offs in Hawaii:

Weak and disrespectful 

Asakura didn’t appear to be doing much more than getting in Mayweather’s face, which is not exactly unprecedented at a face off. But Jizzy took exception to it and afterwards he gave an interview in which he described Japanese fighters as ‘weak and disrespectful’.

During the interview he called out an unnamed fighter, presumably Kouzi. Jizzy accuses the kickboxer of disrespecting Mayweather and stated that he wanted to teach him a lesson.

While that won’t have won him many fans in Japan the bodyguard did manage to talk himself into a ‘standing rules’ fight with kickboxing veteran Kouzi.


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Previously announced

As previously announced Super Rizin is set for September 25th and will be headlined by the exhibition boxing match between Mikuru Asakura and Floyd Mayweather. That event is likely to take place at a slightly earlier time than normal in order to accommodate the US audience.

Super Rizin, Tokyo, September 25th
Exhibition boxing: Mikuru Asakura vs. Floyd Mayweather (Unknown)
Mixed rules: Kota Miura vs. Bunchuai Phonsungnoen (Featherweight)
Standing Rules: Jizzy vs. Kouzi (Open weight)