Two more fights have been added to The Beast Championship 2 card. The event at the Sindorim Technomart in Seoul on September 10th will be co-headlined by a middleweight bout and a heavyweight match.

In the middleweight division Hyun Min Kim (0-2-1) returns to MMA after a six year absence to take on La In Jae (9-1-1). The latter is a former Road FC middleweight champion and made his pro debut in 2009.

In heavyweight action the experienced Kim Chang Hee (1-6-0-1) has been matched with the up and coming Myung Hwan Kim (3-1). The former has been in with the likes of Jerome LeBanner and Ikuhisa Minowa since making his pro debut in 2010 while the latter is coming off a win at TBC 1.

TBC 2 will  also feature a featherweight fight pitting Min Hyuk Lee against Da Won Yoon.
Also on the card is a bantamweight bout pitting Sang Hyun Park against Dong Gyu Kim. In the lightweight division Cho Jun Yong has been matched with Byung Hee Lim

There will also be an openweight fight pitting Myung Hwan Kim against Ik Tae Jin. The former  is coming off a decision win over Seung Jun Lee at TBC 1 while the latter has lost his last two.

TBC 2, Seoul, September 10th
Kim Hyeon Min vs. La In Jae (Middleweight)
Kim Chang Hee vs. Kim Hyeong Hwan (Heavyweight)
Sang Hyun Park vs. Dong Gyu Kim (Bantamweight)
Ik Tae Jin vs. Myung Hwan Kim (Openweight)
Da Won Yoon vs. Min Hyuk Lee (Featherweight)
Cho Jun Yong vs. Byung Hee Lim (Lightweight)
Jae Hyuk Bang vs. Shin Ho Kang (Featherweight)
Hyo Ryeong Kim vs. Hyo Je Cho (Catchweight)
Jun Young Lee vs. Ssang Soo Kwon (Flyweight)
Tae Yoon Kang vs. Dong Min Kim (Bantamweight)
Song Ha Lee vs. Sung Hyuk Choi (Lightweight)
Sang Min Park vs. Seung Chul Lee (Flyweight)
Eun Bi Cho vs. Boram Han (Strawweight)