Valentina Shevchenko is still a champion in the eyes of at least one woman. She might have missed out on recapturing her belt by the narrowest of margins at UFC Fight Night 227 but the 35 year old still has some extremely supportive friends in high places.

Halle Berry was once voted the most beautiful woman in the world. The actress took to Instagram to tell Shevchenko that,

“I love you V and you will always be the champ to me!”

Movie set

The two women became friends during the filming of the 2021 movie Bruised. It was directed by Berry and she also played the lead role, a female mixed martial artist looking to relaunch her career.’

Shevchenko made her acting debut in the movie. She played one of Berry’s opponents and the two women clearly became close while spending time together on set.

In 2008 Esquire Magazine crowned Berry ‘the sexiest woman alive’. She has starred in numerous Hollywood Blockbusters and played some iconic roles like Catwoman and Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson, a Bond girl.


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Big fan

Berry is a long term MMA fan who is friends with Dana White. Her relationship with the UFC is so strong that a behind the scenes documentary about Bruised was made available on Fight Pass.

It sound like she must have tuned in to watch Valentina Shevchenko and Alex Grasso controversially draw in Las Vegas last weekend. We don’t know how Berry feels about the judging in that fight, and whether she agrees with the 10-8 final round scorecard that effectively stopped the former champion from reclaiming her belt.

But she clearly remains a big Valentina Shevchenko fan. The Kyrgyzstani might be feeling a bit down this week but at least she has famous friends from Hollywood trying to cheer her up.