Alain Ngalani hasn’t fought in a few years but he remains in incredible shape. The former kickboxer, Muay Thai fighter and mixed martial artist appears to be defying age.

Ngalani was a star with ONE Championship, despite already being well into his 30s by the time he signed with the promotion. The Cameroonian has faced the likes of Aung La Nsang, Hideki Sekine and Reug Reug.

His last fight was in 2021 but Ngalani has clearly not been letting himself go.

Incredible shape

It isn’t clear whether Ngalani intends to continue with his competitive career. After all Bernard Hopkins was still boxing professionally and going up against the sport’s elite at the age of 51.

But he is in incredible shape and regularly shared videos of himself performing various fitness challenges. In the latest he can be seen demonstrating his impressive flexibility.

Ngalani’s message for his 994,000 Instagram followers is,

Your degree of mobility determines the quality of your life. Furthermore, contrary to what you may believe, loss of mobility is not a normal process of aging. It is a process of neglect!

No excuses

Anyone wanting to use the approach of middle age as an excuse to avoid working out should stay well clear of Ngalani’s Instagram account. He is clearly not a man to let the march of Father Time get between him and his incredibly ambitious fitness goals.

Ngalani is clearly very focused on flexibility and mobility as well as pumping iron. Although you only need to glance at his chiselled physique to realise that he does a lot of the latter.

He can still do the splits and if Ngalani hasn’t got into martial arts at an early age he could surely have been a successful gymnast. As it is the 48 year old can lay claim to three different types of karate black belt as well as a black belt in judo.

He was an intimidating opponent for anyone on the ONE Championship roster, with his speed and flexibility giving him an edge over many heavyweights. These days Ngalani is an inspiration for middle aged men everywhere, proving that you are never too old to be at peak physical fitness.