Conor McGregor hasn’t been fighting much recently but the Irishman still has plenty on his plate. He announced on Twitter just now that he wanted to buy a football club!

McGregor is looking into the possibility of buying either Manchester United, Chelsea or Celtic:

Of the three Chelsea seems the most realistic target on account of the fact that the club is actually up for sale. Current owner Roman Abramovich is being sanctioned for his relationship with the Russian government and wants to sell the reigning Champion’s League winners as quickly as possible.

That’s the good news for McGregor. The bad news is that he will need to come up with somewhere in the region of £1-3 billion and while we know the whisky business went well it probably didn’t go quite well enough to finance that sort of an investment.

While Chelsea won’t exactly come cheap the club would cost considerably less that Man Utd. But there is absolutely no sign that the Glazer family is looking to part ways with this lucrative asset.

Celtic would be the most affordable of the three clubs and could be available for as little as £250mn. But there is no sign that the billionaire owner is currently looking to sell.

McGregor wants to own a football club. Whether will ever be able to afford to purchase Man Utd, Chelsea or Celtic remains to be seen!