Conor McGregor posted an Instagram update which suggests he might be about to run back the biggest fight of his entire career. The UFC star shared a photo of himself landing a punch to the midsection of Floyd Mayweather along with a caption that said simply ‘I accept’.

The first fight between the two men generated nearly 5 million pay per view buys and the revenue generated was in excess of $600 million USD. It was one of the most lucrative fights in history and it seems that a rematch might be in the works:

Back in training

A rematch would clearly not be quite as successful. Mayweather has retired from competitive fighting and while he regularly competes in exhibition matches the opponent’s are relatively unknown, at least in terms of the international audience.

Meanwhile McGregor has been on the sidelines for a year and is coming off back to back TKO losses. So there is no way the rematch would generate anything like $600mn USD but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a hit at the box office.

Novelty fights are all the rage these days and both Mayweather and McGregor are a lot close to their prime then either Mike Tyson or Roy Jones Jnr were when they fought in 2020. The Irishman appears to be training in boxing and posted another update on Instagram that showed him sparring:

Biggest draw

With three losses in his last four fights McGregor is no longer a too contender in MMA. But he remains the single biggest draw in the sport and people are always going to be willing to pay to watch him fight.

Mayweather has been cruising through exhibition fights of late. Last month he faced former sparring partner Don Moore in Abu Dhabi while he is set to take on Mikuru Asakura in Tokyo in September.

An exhibition match with McGregor would be much more lucrative. It would represent one last huge payday for the boxer who turned 45 earlier this year.

McGregor will be celebrating his 34th birthday next month so time is on his side but the mixed martial artist’s career appears to be in steep decline. He has been stopped in four out of his last five fights in boxing and MMA and is clearly not as big a star as he was in 2017 when the first fight with Mayweather took place.

The two men are not friends and McGregor mocked Mayweather on social media after the exhibition bout with Tenshin Nasukawa was announced. While talks are unlikely to be at anything like an advanced stage it appears this is a fight the Irishman would definitely be interested in.