At one stage Paige VanZant and Sage Northcutt were the most sought after free agents on the market. They both had plenty of offers after fighting out their UFC contracts.

But neither fighter has won since leaving the UFC. Northcutt will be making a comeback at ONE Fight Night 10 in May but it sounds like VanZant’s career could be over.

The Mirror recently conducted an interview with BKFC president David Feldman who suggested that VanZant might have fought for the final time,

”I’m going to be talking to her this week and there’s a possibility that she returns on a big card we’ve got in April. If she doesn’t, then it’s probable that she won’t be coming back to BKFC. She’s making a lot of money doing her other businesses and maybe she doesn’t want to do this anymore, I will find out this week.”


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Only fans

While VanZant hasn’t won a fight since 2019 she has been extremely successful. The 28 year old recently transitioned to professional wrestling and also has a healthy source of income via her Only Fans page.

VanZant might have achieved fame as a mixed martial artist but she does not need to fight regularly to earn a steady income. Her profile is so high that she can make money from subscribers to her various social media channels.

She has not been a huge success in bare knuckle boxing, losing both her bouts to date. So VanZant could be forgiven for wondering why she should go to the trouble of training to face seasoned opponents when guaranteed ‘victories’ from wrestling promotions like AEW are on the table.


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Unambiguous success

But VanZant has been one of the most successful fighters in history when it comes to leveraging her fame for social media status. She has amassed over 3 million followers on Instagram with a strategy that has proved very effective.

It seems VanZant has discovered that sharing scantily clad images with her fan base is more lucrative than competing in bare knuckle fights. It must certainly be easier and if the American really has retired from fighting it is because she has been so successful in other walks of life that she doesn’t need to do it anymore.