Jackie Buntan plans to showcase a new style at ONE Fight Night 10. The Fil-Am fighter promises fans she will put on a show at the 1stBank Centre next month,

“They can expect more excitement for this bout because I have new tools in my arsenal, a new style. I expect you guys to see the same Jackie with a different style.”

She burst onto the scene by beating Nat Wondergirl on her professional debut. The Thai quickly found out all about Buntan’s hand speed as she was knocked down in the opening round.

More of the same

Buntan says that fight fans in Broomfield can expect more of the same

“My fast hands will definitely be there but I think they can just expect me to be an exciting fighter.”

She was born in the US just a few months after her family arrived from the Philippines. Buntan hopes she can be a role model for other people in the country who come from immigrant families,

“The fact that you’re able to immigrate here, get accustomed to the new lifestyle, the American lifestyle, make it work for you and be successful at that, that’s such a tall order and I think it’s super important to have more role models showcasing that whether in sports, the medical field, the business field, wherever,” she said.

Very passionate

Buntan hopes that young people growing up in a similar situation to her might be inspired by her achievements as a professional fighter,

“The fact that we all have similarities and know that someone like us can do it inspires more people, more young people in the world to believe in themselves, challenge themselves and be able to go after things that are hard,” she said.

While Buntan is American born and bred both her parents are from the Philippines. The country has a long association with combat sports and she says that Filipinos are ‘very passionate’,

“Whether you’re an athlete or a non-athlete, we all have it in our hearts that we’re all very passionate. Filipinos are very passionate. They show their hearts on their sleeves, they have heart and they have grit. When you mix the two with combat sport, that’s where you’ll find greatness.”

Best characteristics

She clearly looks up to boxer turned senator Manny Pacio and thinks he embodies the best characteristics of Filipino fighters,

“Like Pacquiao, he has all of that, passion, grit, determination, resilience, I think it’s embedded in all of us.”

Pacquiao didn’t really make his name until he started fighting in the US. Buntan has an opportunity to fight in front of the American fans for the first time as a professional and will be hoping she can be as successful as the legendary boxer was.