Jihin Radzuan has the biggest fight of her life booked. She is taking on Stamp Fairtex at ONE on Prime Video 2 but if the Malaysian is feeling nervous she certainly isn’t letting it show.

Radzuan has won three in a row and broke into the top five at atomweight after beating Mei Yamaguchi and Itsuki Hirata. The 24 year old feels that this pair of opponents were stronger than Stamp,

“I’m really feeling positive about this. I feel Stamp is a good opponent, a solid fighter, but after fighting against a couple of legit fighters she’s probably the worst (of them).”

Building the brand

But what Stamp does bring to the table is some name value. As the former ONE Championship atomweight kickboxing and Muay Thai champion and atomweight Grand Prix winner she has won plenty of titles.

Radzuan sees this fight as being particularly significant because her opponent is already a big name,

“I wouldn’t exclusively say that Stamp is going to be the most important fight (because) I think every fight is important but in terms of building my brand, I think this is the best fight.”

While they are both of similar stature Stamp is better known internationally and Radzuan is well aware of her opponent’s reputation,

“My opponent is a big name, and I love fighting against big names. But at the end of the day, I have to believe in myself, believe in my teammates and my coach, and not worry too much about who or how big my opponent is.”


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Same level

She definitely doesn’t sound intimated by the prospect of facing a decorated Muay Thai fighter. When it comes to Stamp’s stand up skills Radzuan definitely doesn’t believe the hype,

“I think the way she sells herself as this feared Muay Thai and kickboxing champion makes everyone think that her striking is so good. It isn’t right up there, but it’s good. One thing I can say about her striking is that it’s fast. Her hands, her kicks, and elbows can come at you quickly.”

Radzuan has competed in Muay Thai herself and it sounds like she believes her and Stamp are on the same level,

“It will work against women who are unsure on how to strike. As for me, I do know how to handle it.”

As planned

But Radzuan does acknowledge that Stamp is capable of causing her problems in a striking match,

“I would not want to discredit her striking. If I cannot handle it well when we fight, it’s going to be troublesome and stressful to deal with.”

Radzuan outgrappled Itsuki Hirata last time out and is clearly a threat on the ground. She should have the advantage if the fight goes to the floor but warns that it might not turn out to be a straightforward clash of styles,

“If it ends up in a striking fight, the battle will be won by who can stay patient and land the bigger and most powerful shots. On the ground, if I’m lacking that killer instinct, I think she can (compete) with me there.”

The Malaysian’s team will have come up with a game plan at the Ultimate MMA camp in Johor Bahru. She sounds very confident and Radzuan believes she is guaranteed victory if she manages to stick to her script,

“If I do everything as planned, she doesn’t stand a chance at all.”