Kota Onojima scored a unanimous decision against Nobuki Fujii at Shooto 0116 to clinch the Pacific Rim bantamweight title.

The veteran is now undefeated in his last six fights having racked up four wins and two draws since losing to Motonobu Tezuka in 2019. His opponent came into this contest on the back of two straight victories but hadn’t fought in a year.

Onojima closed the distance early and unleased some body kicks before switching his attack to land a slapping low kick to Fujji’s lead leg. The 32-year-old sought to close the distance and doubled up on his jabs but his opponent caught him with a body kick on the counter.

Kota Onojima punches Nobuki Fujii

Keisuke Takazawa / Fightgraph

Stout right

The Tokyo native then shot for a takedown but Onojima took a step back to defend as the pair locked up in the clinch. Fujji ripped a shot to the body before being pushed up against the cage.

The referee broke them up only for Fujii to shoot again with 25 seconds left. Once more Onojima defended and planted a stout right hand before the buzzer.

Undeterred, the Alliance man shot for the double leg early in the second round. Onojima sprawled before pushing his opposite number back against the fence.

Nobuki Fujii punches Kota Onojima

Keisuke Takazawa / Fightgraph

First takedown

Fujii tried for the takedown again but with no success. It was Onojima who eventually scored the first takedown of the contest as he successfully pushed his opponent to the canvas.

As they found their feet, both fighters began to let their hands go mid-way through the round but it was Onojima who landed the better shots. He unleashed a big left hook before the exchange was broken by another failed takedown attempt from Fujii.

Clearly in the ascendency, Onojima uncorked a sweet left uppercut before the end of the round.


Keisuke Takazawa / Fightgraph

Stiff jab

Fujii landed a knee on the inside in the final stanza but got caught with a stiff jab counter. He did find joy with his own jab as both fighters landed punches but again opted to shoot in for another takedown only to be thwarted by Onojima again.

The third round was certainly the most engaging with more exchanges on the feet. After several futile attempts, Fujii finally landed a single leg and quickly went to sink in the rear naked choke.

It appeared to be locked in for a moment but Onojima was able to escape.  And with that unsuccessful submission attempt Fujii’s chances of winning the fight evaporated.

The judges all voted in favour of his opponent who wins the Pacific Rim Bantamweight title and improves to 16-5-3.  Fuji drops t0 18-12.

Shooto 0116, Tokyo, January 16th
Kota Onojima def. Nobuki Fujii by Decision (Unanimous)
Rinya Nakamura def. Yasuyuki Nojiri by TKO at 0:25 Round 1
Patrick Sho Usami def. Kazumasa Sugawara by TKO at 4:46 of Round 1
Jo Arai def. Takamasa Kiuchi by Decision (Unanimous)
Mina Kurobe def. Momoka Hoshuyama by Submission (Armbar) at 1:55 of Round 1
Hisae Watanabe def. Haruna Kato by Decision (Unanimous)
Miku Nakamura def. Yuki Ono by Decision (Unanimous)
Megumi Sugimoto def. Salt by Decision (Unanimous)
Keiichiro Kudo def.Takeaki Kinoshita by TKO at 3:53 of Round 1
Masatoshi Abe def. Atsushi Makigaya by Decision (Unanimous)