Krishna Shroff might be the Matrix Fight Night matchmaker and promoter but she is also very much Abdul Azim Badakhshi’s girlfriend. The promotion seems reluctant to recognize the relationship publicly but these two lovebirds and don’t feel the need to be discreet.

Shroff recently shared a photo on Instagram of her and Badakhshi in a tender embrace after his win at Matrix Fight Night 13 last weekend. There is also a video of her celebrating the moment he stopped Hae Jin Park just 18 seconds into their featherweight fight.


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Favourite time

In the caption she claims that,

“Fight week is my favourite time of the year.”

She clearly enjoys it even more when her significant other fights and wins. According to newspaper reports in India the Afghan had spent a year in an Indian prison prior to Matrix Fight Night 13.

The timeline seems very strange because Badakhshi was booked to compete on a Road to UFC card in May. The reports stated he was in prison until June.

Apparently he was released from prison when Srikant Sekhar, a Matrix Fight Night fighter, decided to drop his complaint. Why it took a year for this to happen remains something of a mystery.


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Forgiven and forgotten

Their relationship is clearly the stuff of which movies are made. The Afghan immigrant and scion of the famous Bollywood family appear to be very much in love despite their contrasting backgrounds.

Badakhshi inserted a spoke in the wheel when he assaulted Sekhar at a Matrix Fight Night event last year. In the aftermath all Afghan fighters were banned from competing on the promotion’s cards.

It cost him a year of his career and he supposedly spent most of it in prison. But all seems to have been forgiven and forgotten now with Badakhshi established as one of Matrix Fight Night’s major stars again.

He could be next in line for a shot at the Matrix Fight Night featherweight title. His girlfriend also happens to be the matchmaker which might help in this respect.

His girlfriend’s family is in the movie business and one day Badakhshi’s story could end up on the big screen. Shroff is clearly proud of him and after what must have been a very difficult year appear to be very much in love.