Manny Pacquiao beat DK Yoo by decision in their six round exhibition match in Seoul this morning. The Filipino scored a sixth round knockdown in what was a very one sided contest.

In a battle between two southpaws the Korean clearly had an advantage in terms of height. But Pacquiao has been one of the best boxers of the century and showed that there really is no substitute for experience.

Uneventful opening

The first round was extremely uneventful but DK Yoo looked intimidated as Pacquiao moved forwards, using the jab as a range finder and looking for openings to land his trademark right hook.

Pacquiao did not look in the sort of shape we are used to seeing him in for professional boxing bouts. But he came to life midway through the second round firing a one two down the pipe with the straight left snapping DK Yoo’s head back.

DK Yoo tried to hide behind his jab and while it almost never landed he probably succeeded in slowing the smaller Pacquiao down. At the end of the round he was forced to resort to clinching as the Filipino started to come on strong.

At this stage DK Yoo must have been glad that he only signed up for six rounds. His tactics towards the end of the fourth consisted exclusively of hugging and holding as Pacquiao started to put combinations together with the Korean almost certainly saved by the bell.

At the start of the fifth DK Yoo seemed to have regained some of his swagger but Pacquiao started to come on strong again with the Korean relieved to get a brief break after a punch from the Filipino glanced off the back of his head. He was clearly making the most of it and managed to get a minute’s rest.

Complete novice

But once the fight continued Pacquiao was relentless. He had DK Yoo down only for it to be ruled a slip with the Korean once again grateful to hear the bell at the end of the round.

At the start of the sixth DK Yoo appeared to try and rugby tackle Pacquiao. Midway through the round the Filipino finally got his knockdown with a left hook unbalancing the Korean who was grateful for the break.

He was down again towards the end of the round but the referee ruled it a slip. It allowed DK Yoo to take more time off the clock and he was able to survive until the end of the sixth.

Afterwards Pacquiaio was declared the winner. He still seemed to have the same footspeed which he was famous for but DK Yoo is a complete novice so it is impossible to gauge just how good the senator currently is.