Eman Bacosa has his first win as a professional boxer. He beat Noel Pangantao in General Santos City and received a warm embrace from Manny Pacquiao, the man widely believed to be his father.

Bacosa’s first fight ended in a draw. Pacquiao was ringside to watch the 19 year old compete for the second time and witnessed a much more impressive performance.

The fight lasted just 32 seconds although whether this was a reflection on Bacosa’s ability or his opponent’s lack of desire is open to debate. Noel Pangantao was 0-1 coming into this fight and got knocked down four times on his pro debut.

Warm embrace

Pacquiao’s post fight embrace was a rare example of the boxer acknowledging his relationship with Bacosa. In 2006 he told a court in the Philippines that there was no proof he was the father.

But the boxer seems to have warmed to that role with the 19 year old now training at his gym in General Santos City and competing on his cards. The warm embrace he gave Bacosa after the win could be seen as a tacit admission that the 19 year old is in fact his son.

Bacosa made his pro boxing debut on a card put on by MP promotions in October. He fought to a slightly fortuitous majority draw against a more experienced opponent on that occasion and was handed an easier looking matchup here.


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Strong genes

Bacosa has boxing in his blood. Pacquiao met his mother in a pool hall in Manila in 2003 according to a court affidavit she filed and initially he did not get to have a relationship with  the man widely believed to be his father.

Pacquiao is of course married with children of his own. However his political ambitions appear to have gone on the backburner after an unsuccessful presidential campaign.

It means Pacquiao has more time on his hands to attend his own shows and support fighters like Bacosa. We didn’t learn much about the teenager from this 32 second fight but there is sure to be a lot of interest in his boxing career.