Mark Sangiao‘s fighting career was cut short when he decided to start Team Lakay and become a full time coach. But back in the day he was known as ‘The Machine’.

It is a nickname that he will be passing on to his son. Jhanlo Sangiao makes his ONE Championship debut next month and he will carry the same nickname as his father. The Team Lakay founded explained the decision to Sports Keeda,

“That name was given to me before when I was an athlete because when I start, I won’t stop until there is a clear winner. They should expect that hopefully, the fruit is better than the predecessor.”

Sangiao appears to be mixing his metaphors here but the meaning is clear. He hopes that his son will turn out to be even better than he was.

While he has been cornering Team Lakay fighters at ONE Championship events since 2011 Sangiao admits things will feel a little different when it is his own son inside the cage,

“This is the first time I’m coaching a son. Though our athletes, we already consider as sons and daughters, but it is different when you are blood-related. We’ll see. But for me, I will treat him like any other athlete. I would only know by then the experience of coaching your son by the sidelines.”

Sangiao is facing Paul Lumihi at ONE: ‘Winter Warriors’ It will be a big fight for the teenager and a very emotional moment for his proud father.