Murad Ramazanov brings a 10-0 record into his fight with Zebaztian Kadestam at ONE: ‘Winter Warriors’ Part II. The Russian is determined to remain undefeated until the day he retires,

“It is actually important to me. Every fighter wants not to lose and get that zero in his record but my goal is to finish my fighting career with that zero.”

But he has another more urgent priority. Ramazanov wants to win the ONE Championship welterweight title and knows he can take a big step in that direction with win over the former champion,

“The most important and my goal is to fight for the belt. If I fight him and he’s in a good rank right now, I’m pretty sure I deserve a title shot.”

Murad Ramazanov and Bae Myung Ho 2

Ready for anything

Kadestam comes into the contest on the back of two losses but is a former welterweight champion. His striking is among the very best in the division but Ramazanov says he is ready for anything,

“I’m ready for any type of discipline. On striking, on grappling- it doesn’t matter, I went through a very strong training camp with one of the best strikers as well as the wrestlers in the world. Probably, you would be surprised with my striking, I will surprise you guys.”

But while Ramazanov believes he can cope with his opponent’s striking the undefeated Russian knows he will be able to take Kadestam down,

“I can’t remember a fight in the past where I didn’t do a takedown. They were against middleweight and heavyweight pro fighters of top organizations. I hope he is ready for that.”

Murad Ramazanov and Bae Myung Ho

Title tilt

He thinks a win over Kadestam should be enough to earn him a shot at the welterweight belt,

“In the case of my victory, I should be the main contender for a title shot. I worked hard, and I’m still working hard to get there. I deserve it,” he said.

While a third straight ONE Championship win would leave him in pole position for a title shot Ramazanov doesn’t just want to win. He wants to finish Kadestam in ‘spectacular’ style and leave people in no doubt who the next title challenger should be,

“My main game plan is to come and conquer. I want not only to finish him, I want to show a spectacular fight.”