Nithima Attasophonwatthana, better known as Nattimus Prime, is worried about Conor McGregor. The Full Metal Dojo ring girl thinks that the UFC star is spiraling out of control,

“He’s one of the best fighters but I don’t like it when he attacks people in bars or at awards ceremonies, I don’t think a professional fighter should behave like that. I hope he can turn his life around because he is heading in a bad direction.”

The multimillionaire mixed martial artist and whisky tycoon was in the headlines for the wrong reasons yet again this week. He got into an altercation with rapper Machine Gun Kelly at the VMA Awards according to TMZ.

It is the latest in a long line of incidents involving McGregor. He assaulted a man in a bar in his native Ireland, assaulted an entire bus full of fighters in New York and was also fined for his part in a post fight brawl in Las Vegas.

Ring girl Natt is clearly concerned about McGregor’s recent behaviour and wonders what the future might hold for the fading fighter.  Is she right to be worried?