One Pride MMA promoter Ardi Bakrie has been arrested on drug charges according to reports in the Indonesian media. He and his wife were found in possession of 0.78 grams of methamphetamine and drug taking paraphernalia following a police raid in July.

The couple were sent to a rehab facility while awaiting trial. Bakrie reportedly injured his head in a kickboxing accident during the program.

One Pride MMA events do not appear to have been affected. To date the promotion has put on around 100 shows which have all been broadcast by TV One, Bakrie is president of the network.

Indonesia used to have a thriving MMA scene at the start of a century. But there was a riot at a show in 2004, weapons were involved and rumour has it that someone was killed although this can’t be substantiated.

The riot put sponsors and broadcast partners off the sport. But the One Pride MMA events which began in 2019 have given a platform to Indonesian MMA fighters.

Fortunately it seems Bakrie’s legal troubles have not affected the promotion’s ability to put on regular fights.