Anatoly Malykhin might have finally met his match when it comes to upsetting opponents with homemade posters. Oumar Kane, better known as Reug Reug, gave the Russian a taste of his own medicine.

Malykhin was parading around in a t-shirt with a photo of him knocking out Reinier de Ridder on before the rematch at ONE 166 earlier thus month. Reug Reug has come up with a similar design of his own:


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Hunter or hunted

Reug Reug also had a message for Malykhin which he went to the effort of translating into Russian,

“It’s kill or be killed. Hunter or hunted. I’m going to walk through you and take everything that has been handed to you on a plate. I’m going to destroy your legacy, destroy your will and take your soul.”

Reug Reug is nothing if not confident. He is coming off an impressive win over Marcus Buchecha last August and thinks his three fight winning streak should be enough to earn a heavyweight title shot.


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Next superstar

The problem for Reug Reug is that Malykhin is not currently a heavyweight. His last fight was for the middleweight strap and it could take the Russian a long time to pile the pounds back on.

It sounds like Reug Reug is willing to wait and he promises to make Malykhin ‘a footnote’ in history,

“I’m going to show the world who the next African superstar really is. You will be a footnote in the heavyweight division. After this fight they will all know Reug Reug.”

With his three fight winning streak Reug Reug certainly looks like the #1 contender in the heavyweight division. It just remains to be seen when Malykhin will next compete there, he has three belts to defend and there is a long list of contenders wanting to challenge for them.