Rin Nakai is not happy! It sounds like someone she used to train with in Japan has been spreading malicious rumours about her and her coach.

In an emotional post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the UFC veteran declared that,

People who I thought were my MMA training buddies are talking bad about me and Coach Usami, so I have to take legal measures.

As per usual Nakai accompanied the accusatory post with a couple of photos of herself in various states of undress:

Strange choice 

The replies are overwhelmingly supportive although one of her followers does question the choice of photos. Nakai has been on a mission to secure a second chance with the UFC, having embarked on a lengthy winning streak since being released.

She continues winning and is constantly reminding people of her success while questioning why the UFC still hasn’t been in touch. Kancho Usami is her long term coach and Nakai has complained in the past about him and her being targeted for abuse by a troll.

Writing in Japanese she says,

“If you look into the law, even if it’s true, it’s a crime of defamation, but if it’s a lie, it’s a much more serious crime.”

Constant slander

This is the second time in the space of a few days she has tweeted about this topic. The previous installment was also accompanied by a couple of racy photos of Nakai and she complained in Japanese that,

“Usami and I have been slandered for 18 years.”

In other recent posts Nakai has talked about the possibility of signing with the PFL and complains that despite years of success as a mixed martial artist she is still ‘poor’. We don’t know who is slandering her and how but, given the toll it appears to be taking on her mental health, we hope it stops.

Her career appears to be going extremely well. She not lost a fight since being released from the UFC roster in 2016 and is riding a ten fight winning streak.

These results must surely be attracting interest from some major MMA promotions. Nakai’s record of 26-2-1 is more than respectable and it is difficult to understand where all the current criticism is coming from.