A press conference ahead of Road FC 67 descended into anarchy when a fighter decided to pour a bottle of soy sauce over his upcoming opponent. The event is set for December 16th in Seoul and Niki Shoyu is facing Hyun Bin Yoon in a ‘Fighter 100 special rules’ match.

We have no idea what the ‘special rules’ entail but presumably neither fighter will be armed with condiments. That clearly wasn’t the case at the press conference yesterday when Niki Shoyu brought along a bottle of soy sauce and poured it all over Hyun Bin Yoon.

Shoyu is a comedian who clearly found this particular stunt funny. His opponent, who appears to be a YouTuber in Korea, did not look particularly amused:

A Netflix series called Physical: 100 was recently aired in Korea and featured Yoshiyama Akiyama. It was billed as being a ‘real life Squid Games’ and was a big hit.

Fighter 100 appears to have taken the blueprint and used it for a series of episodes in a strictly MMA format. The six episodes have all been broadcast on A Sol Kwon’s YouTube channel and the first has had nearly one million views.

A Sol Kwon will be competing in one of the ‘Fighter’ 100′ bouts at Road FC 67. He has been matched with Kazuya Yanenkedo who is a pro wrestler from Japan.

Sanctioned fights

Given that A Sol Kwon is a veteran of 34 pro MMA fights and his opponent has never competed this will presumably not be a regular, sanctioned bout. In previous Fighter 100 episodes the participants have worn shin guards and sparring style MMA gloves with extra padding.

There will also be some regular MMA on the Road FC 67 card which is set for the Swiss Grand Hotel. Jung Hyun Lee is set to face Kil Soo Lee in a flyweight fight.

The bad news for Niki Shoyu is that his opponent does have some actual MMA experience. Hyun Bin Yoon fought and won on a Road FC card in 2014.

Yoon looked remarkably calm for a man who had just had soy sauce poured all over an expensive looking suit. They do say revenge is a dish best served cold and the fighter turned YouTuber will be looking to have his on December 16th.