Saenchai Sor Kingstar is probably the best Muay Thai fighter of the century and the 41 year old’s speed might have saved his life. He narrowly avoided being hit by an out of control car while eating food in a roadside restaurant with some friends.

Saenchai shared the terrifying footage on Instagram:

Saenchai is wearing a white t-shirt and sitting in the exact spot that the car finally comes to rest. Fortunately he was fast enough to leap out of his seat and run out of harm’s way.

He must have had a few close calls during his Muay Thai career. Saenchai is used to having elbows, fists and shins flying around his face.

But he can’t have faced an opponent quite like this before. The four division Lumpinee champion and two times ‘Fighter of the Year’ needed lightning fast reflexes to escape the speeding car.

We are just glad that Saenchai is still in one piece and in a position to continue his incredible 56 fight winning streak!