Sage Northcutt has not shown ONE Championship fans what he is capable of yet. He has spent exactly 29 seconds competing for the promotion and that fight ended very badly for the 27 year old.

Since being knocked out by Cosmo Alexandre in 2019 he had been sidelined firstly by the injuries inflicted by the Brazilian and then by a case of long Covid. It means that the UFC veteran ahs clearly now shown what he is capable of and that is a major frustration for Northcutt,

“I know my first fight with ONE Championship didn’t go as planned. So obviously I want to get back out there and perform great. I’d like to be able to get a finish, do an amazing job, and make ONE Championship proud of who they signed.”

Dropping down

He faces Ahmed Mujtaba at ONE Fight Night 10. It is the promotion’s first event in the US and Northcutt is dropping down a division having made his debut as a welterweight.

The fight is just a few weeks away and the American says he is excited to return to the cage after a prolonged absence,

“Right now, I’m super excited. It’s been quite a bit of time since I last fought. It’s coming up to four weeks or so now until I leave for the fight. I’m just super excited to get out there.”

It is over three years since Northcutt last fought. He has been out of action during a period in which he should have been in his athletic prime but the 27 year old believes that time is still on his side,

“I’m still young. I think I have a lot of potential to keep growing and keep learning. My style is very explosive. Kind of unorthodox. Very strong.”

Future fights

Northcutt also believes that fans, as well as future opponents, still haven’t seen just what he is capable of,

“I think there’s a lot of my style that I haven’t even shown yet. So that’s something that I’m really looking forward to showing in my fight, and my future fights, too.”

His next opponent will be Mujtaba. The Pakistani is coming off back to back stoppage wins and Northcutt knows he will have to be at his best on May 5th,

“He’s got a lot of talent, and looking at his last two fights, he had two finishes. So it’s definitely something I’m keeping in mind. But I’m training hard, trying to make sure I’m prepared in every way possible. I’m making sure that I’m sharpening every aspect.”

But Northcutt hopes that he will be the one who finds the finish in Denver next month,

“I don’t really ever make any kind of predictions. But I am obviously looking for a great performance out there. In all my fights, I’m looking to try to go out there and finish my opponent. That’s my style.”