Stamp Fairtex and Phetjeeja Lukjaoporongtom have fought before. The two faced off in a Muay Thai fight although there is no record of what happened or who the winner was.

Stamp has a lot on her plate with a unification bout against Seo Hee Ham coming up. She must be fully focused on her MMA career but will still be keeping a close eye on a Muay Thai fight this Saturday.

Stamp wants to recapture the ONE Championship atomweight Muay Thai title and sees Phetjeeja as a threat,

β€œI believe that Phetjeeja can climb up to be one of the top-five ranked fighters and if we have to fight against each other someday, I’m ready for it because I still want to become ONE’s three-sport World Champion. So, I need to maintain my position in the Muay Thai rankings, I will not let her take it away from me.”

Very young

Stamp can still recall the fight with Phetjeeja which must have happened when they were both very young,

β€œI used to fight with Phetjeeja when I just came back to fight in Muay Thai years ago. At that time, she just returned to this sport as well. In that fight she lacked power but she had better techniques and adjusted in the ring.”

She does not think Phetjeeja will have too much trouble beating former atomweight Muay Thai title contender Lara Fernandez at ONE Fight Night 12 on Saturday morning,

β€œI think Phetjeeja is more dangerous because her punches and elbows are faster and sharper than Lara’s. Lara’s weapons are sharp, but still slow. Phetjeeja also possesses Olympic-level boxing skill (and) has good Muay Thai basics.”

Future rivals

They might be former and potentially future rivals but it sounds like Stamp is a fan of Phetjeeja. She is very confident that her compatriot will prevail at ONE Fight Night 12 this weekend,

β€œMy bet is for Phetjeeja and I believe she will get a KO win because I’m certain that Phetjeeja is faster and sharper than Lara.”

At ONE Fight Night 14 she has a big fight of her own booked. Stamp faces Seo Hee Ham at the Singapore Indoor Stadium but she already has her sights set on some other belts and believes another fight with Phetjeeja could take place further down the line.