Suguru Nii secured the vacant featherweight title with a submission victory over Shinsuke Kamei at Pancrase 337 in Tokyo on Sunday. The Rizin veteran is currently riding a four-fight winning streak, all with consecutive stoppages.

In the opening round Kamei initiated the action by pressing forward with a right hand, attempting to trap Nii against the cage while unleashing combinations involving left jabs, high and low kicks.

Nii responded with a single-leg takedown attempt, which Kamei successfully evaded while trying to take his back. He shook him off and landed a kick, followed up with a clean takedown,

Nii transitioned into side control and started delivering hammer fists. He then grabbed hold of the 26-year-old’s head, targeting his arm with punches and elbow strikes to Kamei’s body.

Nii later attempted a scissor choke on Kamei’s right arm, but Paraestra Hachioji’s fighter managed to get back to his feet. As they returned to a standing position, both fighters exchanged powerful strikes.

Potent right

Kamei rocked Nii with a potent right hand followed by a well-placed uppercut from his right elbow. Nii responded by grappling and executed a slick neck throw, bringing his opponent to the ground. He secured the ‘kesagatame’ position but the round ended before he could sink in a submission.

In the second round, Kamei initiated a one-two combination after a right low kick. Nii charged forward with a flurry of punches, with his left and right hooks consistently finding their mark. However, Kamei retaliated with a well-timed right cross that staggered the Rizin veteran.

This moment spurred Nii into action, allowing him to maneuver behind his opponent, seize the left arm, and execute a takedown. He then transitioned into a scissor choke position, securing a brutal submission as he squeezed with his thighs and yanked Kamei’s left arm for leverage.

It marked Nii’s tenth submission win of his career as his record improved to 16-12 and he is crowned as the new featherweight King of Pancrase. Kamei’s record slips to 6-4.

Best of the rest

In the co-main event, Ryuichiro Sumimura knocked out Hiroshi Fujita. The welterweight veteran is now on a three-fight winning streak and has extended his record to 22-8-1.

Pancrase 337, Tokyo, September 24th
Suguru Nii def Shinsuke Kamei via Submission (Scissor choke) at 1:32 of R2
Ryuichiro Sumimura def Hiroshi Fujita via TKO (Punches) at 4:59 of R2
Ryohei Kurosawa def Ryo Hatta via Decision (Unanimous)
Kota Shirakawa def Takahiro Kawanaka via KO (Punch) 2:32 of R11
Yasuhiro Kawamura def Rui Imura via Submission (Front choke) at 0:56 of R11
Naoki Hirata def Raiki Endo via Decision (Unanimous)
Muhammad Salohidinov def Taiki Akiba via TKO (Punches) at 2:24 of R21
Daichi Kamiya def Yusuke Amari via Decision (Unanimous)
Hotaka Ando def Reo Yamaguchi via Decision (Split)
Kazuki Kasi def Takashi Matsuoka via Decision (Unanimous)
Karen def Chiyo Takamoto via Decision (Unanimous)
Kunihisa Sasa def Ryo Yazawa via Decision (Unanimous)
Chisei Yohena def Misaki Umehara via Decision (Unanimous)
Shogo Sato def Sean Watanabe via TKO (Punches) 0:35 of R1