The war of words between Tang Kai and Yoon Chang Min continues and it is quite entertaining. The latest barb comes from the Chinese featherweight who says his opponent ‘looks like an amateur CrossFit lover’.

While this could be seen as a compliment in some circles it is definitely not a respectful way to talk about a fellow fighter. Kai expanded on the theme that the Korean does not have the skills to go with his impressive physique,

“He looks very big and very strong, but he’s way slower than me and he can’t hit harder than me. I don’t know that much, I just know that I will knock him out.”

Tang Kai punches Keanu Subba

Perfect skills

Kai went into a bit more detail about exactly how he plans to defeat Yoon,

“I would use my perfect boxing skills to knock him out, for sure. My techniques, my skill sets, my movement are all better than him. I’m faster. I’m quicker. I think the only area where he is better than me is that he’s bigger than me.”

Yoon recently accused Kai of being arrogant. The Korean claimed he was going to humble his Chinese opponent when they finally fight inside the ONE Championship cage.

The war of words appears to have escalated in the buildup to the fight which took place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium earlier this month. The two featherweights appear to have taken a real dislike to one another.

Tang Kai punches Ryogo Takahashi 2

Trash talk

Interestingly, after trading insults with his opponent Kai claimed not to be much of a trash talker,

“Outside the circle, I don’t talk that much at all but inside the circle, I have the confidence to knock everybody out.”

There is definitely some bad blood between these two. We can’t wait to find out what happened when they met at ONE: ‘NextGen’ Part II which is being broadcast for the first time tomorrow.