Deep-Jewels 35 is set for the New Pier Hall on December 11th. The first three fights on the card were announced yesterday.

Miki Motono (5-3) has been matched with Namiko Kawabata (2-0) in a strawweight fight. The latter only made her pro debut in March and faces a big step up here.

In the flyweight division Aoi Kuriyama (2-3) has been matched with Kate Oyama (1-2). Also at 125lbs Kano Kagaya (2-0) takes on Hanako Sawa who appears to be making her pro debut.

The promotion’s last event was Deep-Jewels 34. It took place in September and Mizuki Oshiro stopped Mizuki Furuse in the main event.

Deep-Jewels 35, Tokyo, December 11th
Miki Motono vs Namiko Kawabata (Strawweight)
Aoi Kuriyama vs Kate Oyama (Flyweight)
Kano Kagaya vs Hanako Sawa (Flyweight)