Mongolian boxer Tsendbaatar Erdenebat has been making the headlines this week. He was one of Ryan Garcia’s sparring partners ahead of his blockbuster boxing math with Gervonta Davis last weekend.

Garcia was stopped by a body shot in the seventh round. Afterwards Tsendbaatar, who is a undefeated as a professional, announced that he too had hurt the American with a body shot during preparation for the fight,

Hey King Ryan, in sparring I injured you with a body shot. Now you lost to Tank. I am sorry. Are you okay?

Claim to fame

Tsendbaatar’s main claim to fame before this week was having won gold medals at the Asian Games and Asian Championships. But he is now known as the man who  claims to have hurt Ryan Garcia, one of the most famous boxers on the planet, in sparring.

Tsendbaatar currently has a 5-0 professional record and has a fight of his own coming up this weekend. He faces experienced Mexican Edy Valencia Mercado in new York.

Bit if he was hoping to avoid any distractions during fight week the 26 year old has clearly failed. He is at the centre of a media storm with Garcia indirectly accusing him of leaking information to his opponent’s camp writing in an Instagram post that,

Actually sad I had a mole in my camp. Like what the f***, that’s crazy. But thank God it’s brought to light now.


I am not mole

Tsendbaatar then took to Instagram to defend himself against the accusations. He wanted fans to know that,

Who is mole? What are you talking about? I am not mole. I don’t even speak English.

It appears that Tsendbaatar had got the script from his previous video from Google Translate and it did not come out the way he had originally intended. But while something has probably been lost in translation there is no question that Davis knew before the fight that Garcia had been hurt by a body shot during sparring.

In a pre fight interview Davis said,

He got hurt to the body before. He thinks I don’t know that. It wasn’t in no fight. Ask him. Let him know that I know he got hurt to the body. Word gets around real fast.

So there definitely was a mole in Garcia’s camp. Tsendbaatar is adamant that it wasn’t him but boasting about hurting the superstar during sparring when that exact same information had already been leaked to Davis is a very bad look for the Mongolian.