Xie Wei scored the fourth stoppage win of his ONE Super Series career in Beijing this afternoon. The Chinese flyweight stopped compatriot Jinbo Hou.

Hou made a strong start to the fight at ONE Hero Series 9. A spinning back kick attempt narrowly missed and he followed it up with an inside leg trip only for Wei to reverse and finish in top position.

Xie was throwing straight punches an low kicks while Houe looked to land haymakers but the former connected with a spinning back elbow. He tried to capitalize with a takedown attempt but ended up on the bottom for the second time.

From top position Xie took his opponent’s back, sank his hooks in and flattened him out. From there he transitioned to side control and landed some punches and elbows.

Eventually Hou got to his feet but he ate a hard knee to the body in the process. From there he looked to land some wild punches and spinning strikes in the stand up exchanges.

After losing his mouthguard a frustrated Hou threw himself forwards, looking to land a right hand. He fell face first on the canvass, but it was impossible to tell whether it was due to his own momentum or a counter from Xie.

Hou appeared to be badly hurt which suggested, it was possible the latter. Xie immediately rained down a barrage of ground and pound leaving the referee no option but to call off the contest.

With the win Xie improves to 4-2 while his opponent drops to 3-4. Having won four fights out of four for the spin off series a ONE Championship contract surely awaits.

ONE Hero Series 9, Beijing, September 23rd
Xie Wei def. Zou Jin Bo via TKO
Lu Zheng def. Ding Meng via KO
Hu Si Le def. Kurbanjiang Tuluosibake via Decision
Huyixibai def. Wang Jing Jia via Decision
Kickboxing: Li Yuan Kun def. Wang Chen Hao via TKO
Gao Bo def. A Gu De Mu via Submission
Kickboxing: Zhang Shuai def. Yang Wu Lin via Decision
Kickboxing: Huang Yan Chuan def. Liu Zhi Peng via Submission
Xia Ming Quan def. Gui Yan Zhao via Submission
Huang Shuai Lu def. Song Dong Dong via Decision
Yang Fu Chong def. Zhang Yu Sen via TKO