Kwon A-Sol and Mansour Barnaoui both made weight ahead of tomorrow night’s lightweight title fight at Road FC 53. The former tipped the scales at 70.2kg while the latter was 70.1kg.

Kwon (21-10) returns to the cage after an absence of over two years to face tournament winner Barnaoui (18-4). Neither man had much to say for themselves, the champion stated,

“Kwon A-Sol has returned. I will show you the real Kwon A-Sol tomorrow.”

Meanwhile Barnaoui, who earned his title shot by winning a lightweight tournament, had the following message,

“I promise to put on a really exciting match this time.”

In total there are ten fights on the card which is set for Jeju Island tomorrow night. All the other fighters made weight although a couple of previously announced bouts appear to have fallen through.

Road FC 53, Jeju Island, May 18th
Kwon A-Sol (70.2kg) vs. Mansour Barnaoui (70.1kg)
For Kwon’s lightweight Title
Aorigele (163.3kg) vs. Heo Jae-Hyeok (135.9kg)
Hayashi Tamotsu (70.4kg) vs. Shin Dong-Guk (70.2kg)
Lim Dong-Hwan (89.4kg) vs. Kim Tae-In (90.5kg)
Park Hyung-Geun (66.0kg) vs. Yang Ji-Ho (65.6kg)
Park Seok-Han (61.4kg) vs. Kubo Kenta (61.7kg)
Go Gi-Won (57.4kg) vs. Hwang Chang-Hwan (57.4kg)
Yoon Tae-Young (77.1kg) vs. Lim Byeong-Ha (77.4kg)
Yang Hee-Jo (61.9kg) vs. Rowan Pilger (60.7kg)
Shin Ji-Seung (67.7kg) vs. Ji Young-Min (68.3kg)