Alan Fenandes says he is taking Matrix Fight Night to court. The fighter turned executive was recently relieved of his duties by the Indian promotion but has fired back by making some serious allegations of his own.

We don’t know exactly what those allegations are but according in his latest Instagram post Fernandes states that Matrix Fight Night is the subject of a criminal complain he has filed,

He told his 240,000 Instagram followers that,

I have filed a civil suit in the Mumbai High Court and a criminal complaint against MMA Matrix LLP, the parent company of Matrix Fight Night and MMA Matrix Gyms.


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Illegal atrocities

Fenandes was Director of Operations for Matrix Fight Night. But last month he was relieved of his duties by the promotion who posted a statement announcing that,

We have officially disassociated ourselves and parted ways with Alan Fenandes.

Fenandes retired from MMA with an unremarkable record of 3-2. But he has been able to secure senior positions at multiple promotions in India and also served as Director of Operations at the now defunct Super Fight League.

It isn’t clear exactly why Matrix Fight Night decided to remove Fenandes from his position but he is adamant his former employers have broken the law writing that,

I trust the law and judiciary of our country to prevail against all illegal atrocities done against me.


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Abrupt ending

Matrix Fight Night is currently India’s leading MMA promotion and has helped give local fighters the opportunity to continue competing after the demise of the Super Fight League which also had Bollywood backers. That promotion put on 67 events between 2012 and 2018.

In March, 2018 the Super Fight League put on six different fight cards in India. There hasn’t been an event since and when the promotion folded it left fighters who had been competing nearly every month looking for alternative employment.

Matrix Fight Night stepped in to fill the void and even hired some members of the Super Fight League management team. But last month the promotion announced it had parted ways with Fenandes effectively severing those ties.

Matrix Fight Night is owned and operated by the Shroff family. Jackie Shroff is a Bollywood superstar and multimillionaire and while he is not directly involved in the promotion his wife and children are.

His wife, Ayesha Shroff, and their two children, Tiger Shroff and Krishna Shroff, own and operate Matrix Fight Night. The latter appears to be taking more of a hands on role in the wake of Fenandes’ departure.

But it seems that Fenandes has decided to fight back and believes the Indian legal system will support his cause. This one looks like it could be set to rumble on for a while.