Anshul Jubli is not happy. The Indian is coming off the most frustrating of losses at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi and probably doesn’t have too many reasons to be cheerful just now.

Jubli looked to be firmly in control of the fight with Mike Breeden after two rounds. The American’s face was a mess and there was some question as to whether he would be allowed to come out for the third.

Not only did the American continue in the final round but he came out swinging wildly while barking and chanting. If the strategy was intended to unsettle Jubli then it worked a treat:

Big favourite

It was a fight which Jubli could and probably should have won. Breeden came into the contest with an 0-3 record from his previous fights inside the octagon and, on paper, was about as easy an opponent as the Indian could have got.

Despite his comparative lack of UFC experience Jubli came into the fight as a big favourite. The first two rounds played out just as the bookmakers expected with the Indian winning them both 10-9 and doing some damage in the process.

The comeback was totally unexpected and the general consensus was that Jubli had totally lost his cool as his opponent started barking like a dog and chanting ‘USA!’. It was not just the noises coming from Breeden, the American also upped his aggression and totally overwhelmed the previously undefeated Indian.

Now it seems Jubli is on the comeback train and he has declared that there is,

“Vengeance in my heart.”


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Opposite directions

Jubli’s stock has fallen so far after this loss that Jeka Saragih was completely dismissive when asked about the possibility of rematching the Indian. The Indonesian had just knocked out Lucas Alexander at UFC Vegas 82.

Jubli has knocked out Saragih at UFC Vegas 68 and earned himself $50,000 USD. Last weekend it was the Indonesian who claimed the knockout and the performance bonus and their careers appear to be heading in opposite directions.

Saragih made it clear he had no interest in fighting Jubli again,

“No, he lost on his debut so there is no reason to make a rematch against him.”

This won’t be music to Jubli’s ears. The euphoria of his maiden UFC win will have well and truly subsided but the Indian is already on the comeback trail and has vengeance on his mind and in his heart.