Anatoly Malykhin has had a lot to say about Arjan Bhullar on social media. But since the Canadian signed a new contract meaning the heavyweight unification bout was confirmed he has gone very quiet.

At least that is the way Bhullar sees it. He thinks the Russian isn’t feeling quite so confident now that the fight appears to actually be happening,

“Anatoly has been very vocal, and I will respond to that closer to the fight and in the fight, to be quite honest. He hasn’t posted anything since I’ve announced I was back. Check his social media. He hasn’t said a (fu**ing thing). That shows you what kind of coward he really is and what he actually thinks of the situation.”


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Not running

Apparently Malykhin has mocked Bhullar for his size as well as suggesting that the UFC veteran is ducking him. That doesn’t appear to have gone down particularly well,

“I’m not running from anyone or anybody. He’s delusional. And he is short with short arms and legs. He’s 5-foot-9. My arms and legs and entire body is longer than his. Clearly measured, so I don’t know what the hell that guy is talking about. He needs to get his head checked.”

An interim heavyweight champion was crowned because Bhullar was involved in a contractual dispute with ONE Championship. That has subsequently been resolved and the 36 year old would like to fight again as soon as possible,

“I’m back. I’ve been wanting to fight since the entire time I’ve been out. I’m wanting to fight now. I’ll fight him next week.”


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Primetime card

ONE 161 is set for August 27th (local time) in Singapore and will be live on Amazon Prime. Bhullar says he would ‘love’ to be on that card,

“Very excited about the Amazon Prime deal. That is real, that has happened. I’m very excited for that. I’d love to be on that first event. Let’s do it.”

A year has passed since he became heavyweight champion but while Bhullar might have been on the sidelines he has clearly been paying close attention to the heavyweight division,

“A lot of new faces in the division, very exciting to see. I don’t want to just see them and wait around. I’d like to get in there and face them all. We have new faces, exciting faces.”

ONE Championship’s heavyweight roster has been strengthened with the addition of several new signings including Almeida. There is more depth in the division than ever before and Bhullar wants to prove that he is the best of the bunch,

“Baddest heavyweight on the planet’? Absolutely, I love that headline. I will deliver and I will deliver Anatoly’s head. You put me on that. I will deliver.”