Bob Sapp is in Phuket and by the looks of it he has been training hard. The K-1 and Pride veteran celebrates his 49th birthday later this year but is in incredible shape.

Sapp showed off his new look physique in an Instagram video and called out Mike Tyson:


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Old rivals

The video features extended snippets from Joe Rogan’s show. Tyson had originally agreed to fight Sapp in 2020 but ended up taking on fellow boxer Roy Jones Jnr instead.

During the segment which Sapp shares the former heavyweight champion is asked why he ended up facing Jones Jnr instead and admits he has no idea! It sounds like ‘The Beast’ is still keen to face Tyson in a rivalry that has been building since 2003.

After Sapp beat Kimo Leopoldo at a K-1 event in Las Vegas he was confronted by Tyson. The boxer entered the ring and the two men exchanged words.

In the second video posted on Instagram Sapp features a clip of Tyson admitting to Rogan that he was open to fighting him but only under traditional boxing rules:


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Better shape

Sapp hasn’t fought since 2018 but he is coming off a win. The American beat Osunaarashi by decision at Rizin 13 although it was not an entertaining fight.

Intriguingly Sapp appears to be in much, much better shape now than he was back then. That win over the Egyptian snapped a 14 fight losing streak for the giant veteran in MMA.

Tyson is clearly on his radar and that would be the most lucrative fight out there for Sapp. While he has never previously competed in boxing he would have a 100lbs weight advantage.

Sapp seems to be trying to goad Tyson into accepting a fight with him. He addresses the boxer directly and says,

“We all know what happened when you and I talked about the fight. I sent you a photo along with this sentence, ‘Mike if you fight me I will rip your heart out and tear it to shreds and it still applies.”

But he then veers off track slightly and seems to suggest that they should engage in a three vs. three boxing match,

“I’ve got a challenge for you. Since you stopped running listen to me for a second, you and me and two of my best fighters vs two of your best fighters. Marquess of Queensbury Rules because you’re too scared to fight me on one.”

The idea of a 55 year old Tyson accepting a three on three fight seems a little far fetched. But Sapp is sticking to his guns,

“That’s my challenge you know my age. Fight me or my crew.”

We doubt whether Tyson will agree to fight him. But Bob Sapp looks in serious shape and we can’t wait to see who the eccentric American does end up fighting next.