Buakaw’s Banchamek’s next fight at Rajadamnern will be contested under kickboxing rules. He has been matched with fellow veteran Yasuhiro Kido on September 9th.

Both men are of a similar age and have fought on the same card several times. But despite competing in the same weight class in the same country during the same period of time their paths had never previously crossed:

Real fight

Both men were in action at Rizin 42 earlier this year and went the distance at the Ariake Arena. Buakaw drew with Rukiya Anpo while Kido lost to Sota Kimura.

While Buakaw’s recent fights at Rajadamnern have all been billed as exhibitions this one won’t be. Given that both men are experienced kickboxers the promoter should have had no issue getting the bout approved by the local commissions.

It means the result will appear on their respective records. Buakaw hasn’t lost a fight since 2018 while Kido had six wins and a draw from his seven fights prior to Rizin 42.


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No distinction

In terms of the rules and regulations there doesn’t appear to be much distinction between exhibition fights and real fights on these cards. In fact Yoshihiro Sato was surprised when Buakaw went all out to knock him out when he thought he had signed up to a glorified sparring session.

Sato was very upset, having explained to the promoter that he had retired from kickboxing after suffering a head injury and was not capable of competing in an actual fight. He was hospitalized after the stoppage and reportedly received additional compensation having originally signed up for a non competitive encounter with Buakaw.

But at least we have some clarity ahead of this event which will take place on a Saturday night at Rajdamnern Stadium. These two experienced kickboxers will be participating in a conventional kickboxing fight and the result will appear on their records.

It is the start of a very busy period for Buakaw who is also supposed to be fighting in China in September. His bare knuckle Muay Thai match with firm friend Saenchai PKSaenchaigym is set to go ahead on November 4th in Pattaya.