Chingiz Allazov has only spent a few months at the pinnacle of the kickboxing summit. But it seems that might be enough for the 30 year old who is considering whether to retire.

He beat Marat Grigorian by decision at ONE Fight Night 13, avenging a 2013 loss and defending his featherweight kickboxing title. Beating Superbon Banchamek earlier this year made him the pound for pound king in the eyes of many.

He cemented that status with the win over Grigorian but Allazov admits it might have been his final fight,

“Now, I’m pound-for-pound number one. This is my time but I say today, maybe this is my last fight.”

No-one else

The decision is not entirely down to him. Allazov plans to consult with his father and believes that he might want him to call it a day,

“I’ll go home, relax, and have a talk with my manager. I’ll talk with my coach. I’ll talk with my father. Maybe he will say to stop my career.”

While ONE Championship’s featherweight division is stacked Allazov says he has effectively cleared out the top four,

“In my weight category, we have the four top fighters. Number one is me, second Superbon, third Marat Grigorian and fourth Sittichai. I beat them all. Is there anyone else? I don’t know.”


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Last fight

But it sounds like Allazov does know the answer to that question. There is one fight he would definitely be willing to delay retirement for,

“I like one fight, my dream fight maybe. I want to fight Giorgio Petrosyan. Maybe he’s ready to fight. God will help me win this fight. It’s the last fight in my mind.”

Petrosyan has been out of action since his devastating KO defeat at the hands of Superbon. He beat Allazov in 2018 and the Azerbaijani would like the opportunity to avenge that loss.

It sounds like avenging losses is important to Allazov. He was more concerned about beating Grigorian than he was about defending the title he won with that spectacular stoppage of Superbon,

“The belt was not important, only beating Marat Grigorian. That’s what was important for my life, my career, and my legacy.”

Allazov is ready to walk away from the sport at the age of 30 but he wants to fight Petrosyan first. He clearly has a lot on his mind but there is one opponent the champion would definitely delay his retirement for.