Superbon Banchamek’s title fight this week is scheduled for five rounds. He thinks this might be foo many for Tawanchai PKSaenchaigym whose belt he will be looking to win in the ONE Friday Fights 46 headliner.

Tawanchai is the reigning ONE Championship featherweight Muay Thai champion and Superbon says his opponent has stamina issues,

“His weakness, from what I noticed in several of his fights, is that when it comes to later in the match, he runs out of gas quite easily in some fights.”

Inside the distance

Four of Tawanchai’s last six wins have come inside the distance. He has the potential to knock out any opponent and Superbon knows exactly what the risks are,

“Tawanchai has a technical style. His left leg is deadly (but) his strength is his left kick and teep and you can’t ignore his left hand.”

In the past fans at Lumpinee Stadium were there to gamble. They didn’t care how much entertainment the fight offered as long as the fighter they were backing won.

The stadium has now banned gambling and Superbon says people are now more interested in whether or not a fight provides action,

“Look at the Rodtang vs. Superlek fight. They weren’t worried about who won or lost the match but everyone was impressed, and applauded them. That’s what I’m going to do in this fight.”

No difference

Superbon is going up against an opponent who has won several titles at Lumpinee Stadium in the past. Meanwhile he has become better known as a kickboxer in recent years and thinks people have forgotten that his roots are in Muay Thai,

“I never thought of myself as a kickboxer, I have always been a Muay Thai fighter. For me, there is no difference between Muay Thai and kickboxing. ”

Superbon did win the Thailand lightweight title during his Muay Thai career. But, unlike Tawanchai, he never managed to win a belt at either Rajadamnern or Lumpinee Stadium.

Equal experience

While Tawanchai might have had more success in Muay Thai Superbon firmly rejects the idea that his opponent has more experience,

“I don’t think Tawanchai has more Muay Thai experience than me.”

By handing out $10-50,000 USD bonuses on a regular basis Chatri Sityodtong has changed the Muay Thai game. Fighters can now potentially earn more by losing an action packed fight than they would be winning a boring one.

The onus is on entertainment and win or lose Superbon plans to provide some this Friday,

“For me, this is just another big match in my life. I’m not worried about the outcome, I just want to do my best so the audience will appreciate our efforts.”